1960: 86th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


  • Eye of the Hurricane, by C. C. Furnas at commencement exercises, University of Buffalo , N.Y., A5049.
  • Julius B. Levine, at Class Day exercises, Harvard University, A5694.
  • Truth in Lending, by Senator Douglas before the League of Insured Savings Associations, 10116.
  • Appointed Acting President pro tempore, 1701.
  • Appointed on commission, 76.
  • African Tour (a series), by May Craig, A4079, A4334, A4335, A4394, A4395, A4440, A4441.
  • Africa on the Move (a series), by May Craig, A5417, A5418, A5483, A5484, A5529, A5530, A5574, A5575, A5633, A5634, A5695.
  • American in Paris Practically Squirmed, by Murrey Marder in the Washington Post, 10795.
  • As May Goes, in Good Housekeeping, 10115.
  • Clinton Clauson Dies (sundry), from Maine newspapers, 386-388.
  • Desire for Freedom Wars With Ancient Islam Rules, by May Craig, A4140.
  • Era of Nationalism Brings Twilight of Kings, by May Craig, A4140.
  • Ivory Coast Stays in French Community, by May Craig, A4176.
  • Meet May Craig, by Patricia Schroth in Downeast magazine, 10115.
  • Nationalistic Drive in Africa (a series), by May Craig, A4122, A4123.
  • New Senator From Maine, by Olga Arnold and Laura Winslow in Ameryka magazine, 5149.
  • Passionate Patriotism May Create Desired Union, by May Craig, A4141.
  • People of Ghana Are Planning Fast and Hard, by May Craig, A4177.
  • Political Stability Reflects Well-Being of Ghana, by May Craig, A4177.
  • Shots and Thoughts That Precede a Journey, by May Craig, A4079.
  • State Department Briefing Indicates Importance of Trip, by May Craig, A4080.
  • Tour of Soviet Dams by Three Senators, from I. F. Stone's Weekly publication, A1016.
  • United States Ponders, Russia Acts -- Africa on the Move, by May Craig, A4141.
  • Visit to the Soviet Union and Poland, newsletter from, 136.
  • Editorial: Clauson Was Man of True Honesty, in the Waterville (Maine) Sentinel, 979.
  • Ike's Sad Homecoming, in the Des Moines Register, 10793.
  • Versatility of Jennings Randolph from the Fairmont (W. Va.) Times A268
  • We Learned All About Japan After Damage Had Been Done, from the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, A5682.
  • Newsletter: American Plane Shot Down by Soviets-U-2 Incident, 12544.
  • Prayer: Clinton Clauson Funeral, by Rev. John Daniel, 386.
  • Release: visit to Poland, from, 9178
  • Remarks regarding visit to the Soviet Union and Poland, by Senator Gruening, 136.
  • Resolution: Clinton Clauson eulogy, by the Maine congressional delegation, 385
  • Sermon: Clinton Clauson Funeral Service, remarks by Rev. Kenneth Garrison, 385
  • Statement: Eagles' Jobs After 40 Campaign, by, 10485.
Amendments offered by, to
  • General Government matters appropriation bill (H.R. 11389): to amend, 13781,
  • House temporary vacancies, filling of (81. Res. 39) : to amend, 1503, 1749.
  • School construction bill (S. 8): to amend, 1146, 1919, 2026, 2076.
  • Social security bill (H.R. 12580) : to amend, 15741.
  • Student loan insurance bill (S. 2710): to amend, 13410.
Bills and joint resolutions introduced by
  • Arlington National Cemetery: enlargement of (see bill S. 3717), 13704.
  • Colleges and universities: Federal loans for construction and improvement (see bill S. 3007), 2289.
  • Credit extensions: require disclosure of finance charges connected with (see bill S. 2755),349.
  • Edith Q.: document as U.S. vessel (see bill S. 3055), 2839.
  • Electors of Federal officials: amend Constitution relative to qualifications of (see S. J. Res. 126), 1516.
  • National transportation system: strengthen and improve (see bills S. 2935, 3020). 1581, 2407.
  • Northeastern Water and Related Land Resources Compact: consent of Congress to (see bill S. 2842), 591.
  • Pipe and Refrigeration Fitters Pension Fund: relating to effective date of qualification of (see bill S. 3694), 12970.
  • Poll tax: eliminate as voting requirement in national elections (see bill S. 2868), 840.
  • Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission: establish (see S. J. Res. 152), 956.
Motions and resolutions offered by
  • Administrative and policymaking positions: relating to tenure of office of persons appointed to (see S. Res. 338), 13307.
  • Natural resources: accelerate development and utilization of (see S. Res. 311), 8995
  • Water resource and development program: continue study of United States and Russian (see S. Res. 325), 10750
Remarks by, on
  • Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: increase funds, 13781
  • Arlington National Cemetery: enlargement, 13706.
  • Arlington National Cemetery: establish memorial area for medal winners, 13706.
  • Civil rights bill, 5103.
  • Clauson, Clinton A.: eulogy, 384.
  • Craig, May: tribute, 10114.
  • Des Plaines Refuge Area land conveyance, 14884.
  • Education: Federal school construction bill, 2027.
  • General Government matters appropriation bill, 13781.
  • Green, Theodore F.: announced retirement from the Senate, 331.
  • Murray, James E.: retirement from the Senate, 8869.
  • O'Mahoney, Joseph C.: retirement form the Senate, 10689.
  • Poland: Constitution Day, 9174.
  • Poland: contributions to Western civilization, 9174.
  • Summit conference: failure, 10793-10795.
  • Talbertt, Vernon: 50th anniversary of Senate employment, 10112.
Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.