1959: 86th Congress, First Session
MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine)


  • Jackson Day dinner, Springfield, Mo., by, 3469.
  • Jackson Day dinner, Senator Symington, at Jefferson Jackson Day dinner, Rockland, Maine, 12757.
  • Jackson Day dinner, Tennessee Municipal League, by, 9380.
  • Appointed on committee, 671.
  • Appointed conferee, 8931.


  • Admiral Peary, Pole Discoverer, by Steve Riley In the Portland Telegram, 5425.
  • Admiral Peary, Pole Discoverer: Glory That Led But to the Grave; Tribute to the Late
  • Commodore Samuel Tucker, by Earle W. Gage in the National Republic publication, A5780.
  • Commodore Samuel Tucker: Peary's Arctic Trip, by Daniel Rapoport in the Portland Telegram, 5425.
  • Commendations in the Senate, 15654.
  • Credentials, 5.


  • Letter: cane and bushberry crop reports, to Senator Morse, from, 9563.
  • Letter: oil imports, to the President, from, 10503.
  • Letter: Reginald H. Sturtevant, entitled "Get Understanding" relative to relationship of United States with other nations, A3836.


  • Memorandum: bank merger bill, views of Senators Douglas, Clark, Proxmire, and Muskie, 8127.
  • Oath of office, 6


  • Admiral Peary memorial ceremony, by Robert E. Peary, Jr., 5424.
  • Admiral Peary memorial ceremony: Intergovernmental Relations Commission, committee testimony by Meyer Kestnbaum, 18943.
  • Resolution: Federal-State relations, by the Governors' Conference, San Juan, P.R., 18940.

Amendments offered by, to

  • Bank merger bill (S. 1062): to amend, 8140.
  • Corporate and excise tax extensions (H.R. 7523): to amend, 11897.
  • Federal school construction (S. 8) : to amend, 19688.
  • Mutual security appropriations (H.R. 8385): to amend, 19305.
  • Mutual security bill (S. 1451): to amend, 9954.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

  • Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: establish (see bill S.2026),8733.
  • Blind persons: establish commission t study problems related to (see bill S.2077), 9220.
  • Commission on a Department of Science and Technology: establish (see bill S.1851), 7404.
  • Commission on Unemployment Problems establish (see bill S. 1631). 5485.
  • Coolidge, Osvaldo R.: for relief (see bi S. 2164), 10591.
  • Department of Agriculture and land-grant colleges: centennial celebration (see S. Res. 66), 3291.
  • Department of Science and Technology create (see bill S. 676), 1177.
  • Education: Federal aid to States for (see bill S. 2), 790.
  • Electors of Federal officials: amend Constitution relative to qualifications of (se S.J. Res. 126), 16309.
  • Federal Reserve Act: amend relative to real estate loans (see bill S. 1173, 1174), 2977.
  • Fishing vessels: provide assistance In construction of (see bill S. 1374), 3813.
  • Hawaiian statehood bill (see S. 50), 228.
  • Higher education student loans: Federal insurance on (see bill S. 2710), 19409.
  • Internal Revenue Code of 1954: amend relative to certain State tax refunds on distilled spirits and wine (see bill S 2604),17113.
  • Internal Revenue Code: amend to prohibit deductions of certain business expenses (see bill S. 2G40),8734.
  • Interstate Highway System: extend time for approval of cost estimates (see bill S. 1826), 6959.
  • Medical research: mobilize world leaders in (see S.J. Res. 41), 1495.
  • National Economic Council for Security and Progress: establish (see bill S. 2080) 9804.
  • Petroleum and petroleum products: rescind action imposing quotas on (see bill S. 1525), 5136.
  • President and Vice President: amend Constitution relative to election of (see S.J Res. 86), 7620.
  • Public lands: amend act relating to withdrawals from (see bill S. 2587), 18108
  • Small Business Act: amend to require publication of Government procurement solicitation (see bill S. 2469), 13338 14666.
  • Unemployment: alleviate conditions in certain areas (see bill S. 722), 1171.
  • Unemployment insurance: grants to States (see bill S. 791), 1316.
  • Urban renewal: amend laws relating to (see bill S. 193), 790.
  • Veterans: amend code relative to NSLI policies (see bill S. 1113), 2629.
  • Veterans: period for granting national service life insurance to certain (see bill S 2675),18875.

Motions and resolutions offered by

  • American Dental Association: congratulations on anniversary (see S. Con. Res 7),1259.
  • American working men and women: tribute to (see S. Con. Res. 76), 18313.
  • FNMA mortgage exchange policy: not in national interest (see S. Res. 130), 10088
  • Frost, Robert: extend birthday greetings to (see S. Res. 95), 5162.
  • Health and research activities: strengthen world cooperation (see S. Res. 129) 10735.
  • Joint Committee on a National Fuels Policy: create (see S. Con. Res. 73) 16869.
  • Standing Rules of the Senate: amend relative to selection of conference committees (see S. Res. 118). 7970
  • Steel strike: favoring action by President in settlement of (see S. Con. Res. 69), 15595.
  • White Fleet of Aid and Mercy: establish (see S. Con. Res. 66), 14270.

Remarks by, on

Reports made by, from

  • Committee on Banking and Currency, 13156.
  • Committee of conference, 19305.
  • Committee on Government Operations, 14039, 14269.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY Votes.

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